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GS3 has been around for nearly 20 years, working closely with clients to develop targeted, effective communication media projects.

We're more than just a video production company...we're an idea company. We pride ourselves on working to nuture cohesive branding and communication strategies that form deep connections with audiences and leave lasting impressions.

If you're looking for a media partner that can enhance your projects beyond the basic edit, we'd love to talk with you. We're always up for a new challenge.

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GS3 Work

Kyocera 2011 CTIA Booth Video
For 2012, Kyocera needed a CTIA booth video that captured the overall experience of Kyocera phones.

Kyocera 2012 Sand Artist
For 2012, Kyocera hired a Sand Artist to perform during its CTIA Booth hours, who told stories of using Kyocera phones through shifting sand designs.

Kyocera 2011 CTIA Video
For 2011, Kyocera needed a CTIA booth video that focused specifically on their flagship product for that year, the Echo Dual Touchscreen Device. GS3 worked closely with Wind River Media to plan and produce live-action elements that would convey the Echo in everyday use. The result is a video that surpassed expectations and positioned the Echo as the device to watch at the 2011 CTIA convention.

Kyocera 2010 CTIA Video
GS3 and Wind River Media continued their successful collaboration with Kyocera for their 2010 CTIA booth video. Integrating both existing and new corporate approved illustrations, additional footage was shot on green-screen and composited into the elegant, graphic world that has become synonymous with Kyocera.

Kyocera 2009 CTIA Video
In 2009, Kyocera approached Wind River Media and GS3 Creative to produce a video for their CTIA booth that would convey their philosophy of technology being an extension of our daily lives.

Kyocera Echo Tutorial
To better inform the public about the capabilities of their new Echo phone, Kyocera once again enlisted the creative talents of Wind River and GS3 to write, direct and produce a brief yet engaging tutorial video.

Kyocera Echo Spec Pitch
One of the things GS3 prides itself on is constantly striving to pitch and explore new ideas. To impress Kyocera, GS3 woked with Wind River to produce a short sizzle pitch, completely on spec, to help generate excitement within the company. The pitch was very well received and eventually used by both Kyocera and Sprint for promotional pursposes.

Bilstein Road Warriors
Having worked with Fall Advertising for years, GS3 collaborated with the agency to create a heart-pounding, movie-style trailer for Bilstein Shock Absorbers.

Firestone RideRite
Fall Advertising enlisted the creative production capabilities of GS3 to shoot a tight-budget regional commercial spot for Firestone's RideRite hydraulic lift product.

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